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Wednesday, October 31st, 2007
11:45 am
Fetsoc LJ
Aww, this thing is kinda dead. I don't think many of our members are on livejournal anymore and I keep forgetting to update it. I could be wrong, if someone here wants to be elected unanimously* to the new position of "Maintainer of the fetsoc livejournal" then I'll happily put them in charge, but I suspect this isn't used very often.

If people drop messages here I'll still get them and can respond. Though it might be better to email the society on fetish@guild.bham.ac.uk since you'll get a faster reply. Also if you're in the habit of advertising cool events to the members ping them to that address and I'll send it out with the weekly email.

On a vaguely related note, Terry, are you still reading this? I keep trying to email you but they bounce faster than a baby chucked off the leaning tower of piza. I'm curious if you're still up for some sort of dungeon/club event? I remember this suggestion got thrown around this time last year, but we couldn't do it. I've been harassing the guild a lot recently and it's becoming more feasable. Get in touch ;)

* = (all election records are held in my head, but any allegations of retrospective editing are lies, I just have very specific memory failure syndrome)
Monday, October 8th, 2007
2:35 am
Carnival of Souls

Hoping that everyone enjoyed Freshers and that the Soc has gained some new members.

The forthcoming weekend is a busy one socially with Scarlet this coming Friday at club DV8 in Kent St with the Cops & Robbers theme. Would be great to see soc members as usual there in good numbers. Do come and say hi, Im on DJ duties 10 - 12 be good to put faces to names.

Then this coming Sunday its Carnival of Souls @ Zanzibar in Derby. This is actually the largest Fetish event annually in the Midlands with a great mix of Fetish and Goth people. I will be on various duties there, and also have spare car spaces if anyone needs to get there or back.
Just drop me an email: domevents@yahoo.co.uk

Have wild and wicked weekend


Current Mood: energetic
Friday, September 14th, 2007
5:24 pm

Id like to wish the Fet Soc good luck for the year. It would be great to see the society attain more members and become even more established. As an 'honorary member' I will certainly be supportive.

Id just like to add a couple of events as suggestions for social occassions, for those of you who can travel.

Club Dominion @ Curzons Club in Derby which I run is celebrating its 19th !! Birthday on MON 29th OCT. Full details of our Yahoo Comms site: http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/Club_Dominion/
We also have a new mainline website being put together, fully online soon at www.clubdominion.co.uk For those of you on Festive breaks we also have our End of Year party on THURS 27th DEC, again at Curzons.

Also, SUN 14th OCT its the Carnival of Souls event in Derby. www.carnivalofsouls.co.uk for more info.

Derby is less than an hour from Brum and both events are well worth attending though differing greatly in style.

If anyone is at Scarlet tonight (FRI) come and say hi as Im DJing mid evening for their birthday party.

Wishing you all a wicked but great Autumn.


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Thursday, September 13th, 2007
2:21 pm
Freshers Stand
I still need more help for freshers, only one person helping means I won't be able to get lunch one of the days :( Is anyone free? Also there's a chance to do a 15 minute demo on what our society can do. That's too good an opportunity to not use :D Anyone able to spare 15minutes on the Friday to do something in that slot? You know it will only end well :D
Friday, September 7th, 2007
5:56 pm
Gonna get this one in nice and early..
 Mostly as I'm moving house tomorrow and will be without internet for at least a week!!

Next sunday (16th) is the BBB at the Nightingale club in Lower Essex Street.

www.brumbazaar.co.uk for details.

I'm specifically plugging this one cos, for the 2nd time this year, it is my Master and I who are doing the demo. Takedown bondage to be precise.


It'd be cool to see people there - feel free to come and say "hi".

It's also the birthday party BBB, so it's "dress to impress" day. Sir and I will be dressing up after the demo - any excuse!

See some of you there??
1:59 pm
Fetsoc 07-08
Big plans this year. Big plans. I'm sure many of you will have read about them from the fetsoc email, but in case you missed it or deleted it or aren't on the mailing list or forgot how to do anything outside of livejournal or are being forced to...well you get the picture. In case of those things it's reproduced here, under a cut for it is a mighty beastCollapse )
Monday, July 30th, 2007
10:17 am
(Taken straight from InformedConsent)

Yay!! It's almost that time of the month again.... =-o

Where's it happening???

The Old Joint Stock Pub, Temple Row West, Bennetts Hill, Birmingham. B2 5NY

The Birmingham Mid-week munch is on the FIRST Wednesday of the month (next is 01 Aug 07).

The venue is centrally located. Some parking near by, including on street also some disabled parking. Beware of the wardens!!!

5 minute walk from New Street Station & Snow Hill Station). Has reasonably priced food (served until 8.30pm), good beer and soft drinks also. It has disabled access.

Dress code is vanilla. Time: 19:30 - 23:00ish. Look out for the A-Z Map Book! We usually sit in The Club Room, downstairs at the back.

All welcome to this super-friendly munch. You will be meeted, greeted, have your ears talked off & be offered cake.

I'm planning on going - it was good last month - a really good turn out, despite the smoking ban having just been put into action.

Friday, July 13th, 2007
10:59 am
Quick Reminder....
Just to say that tomorrow (14/07/2007) is the Birmingham Munch at the Victoria Pub on Station Street (next to the back entrance of the Alexandra Theatre). Starts at 1:30 and includes a free quiz (last time I checked it did anyway). It's a really good afternoon - a great laugh with some lovely people. The pub serves food (very yummy food) and a good selection of beer. It's held in the back room of the pub - marked "private function".

Also sunday (15/07/2007) is the BBB at the Nightingale club in the gay village on Lower Essex street (I think!). Loads of stalls and a demo to boot. This month's demo is electrical play. Entrance is £4.50 and it runs from 11 til 4.

Just so people know!
Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007
12:25 pm
The Brum Midweek Munch

Where's it happening???

The Old Joint Stock Pub, Temple Row West, Bennetts Hill, Birmingham. B2 5NY

The Birmingham Mid-week munch is on the FIRST Wednesday of the month (next is 04 July 07).

The venue is centrally located. Some parking near by, including on street also some disabled parking. Beware of the wardens!!! ;-)

5 minute walk from New Street Station & Snow Hill Station). Has reasonably priced food (served until 8.30pm), good beer and soft drinks also. It has disabled access.

Dress code is vanilla. Time: 19:30 - 23:00ish. Look out for the A-Z Map Book!

All welcome to this super-friendly munch. You will be meeted, greeted and have your ears talked off :-D

*the above copied direct from the Announcement on IC so all details are correct*

I've been - it's a good laugh. Well worth going again. I'm hoping to go if I can scrounge a lift off a friend - waiting to hear on that one!

There's usually cake there too - if that's a bit of an incentive to go!

Monday, July 2nd, 2007
10:55 pm
Hi all!

New to the group, so I thought I'd say hi, introduce myself and add a little confession!

I'm redflame - red to most. 21 years old. Collared to MRK (Master Rope Knot) for five months now, and was lucky enough to accompany Him to Shibaricon in Chicago at the end of May just gone, along with Demoing at Velvet Eden, Chesterfield Conclave and the BBB and being part of the calendars made to raise money for Backlash.

I'm active on the Brum scene (or was until lack of cash and death of car put paid to that), crew for Roissy Dungeon Workshops when I can (mostly for Rapture at Ceasars, but also at Kinkfest last year and Night of The Senses), and try to make most Brum munches (the third saturday of the month ones) and the BBB. I've been on scene almost three years now.

And my confession?

I'm coming to this community in the hopes of being accepted despite being a student at UCE (ducks and runs). UCE has no fetish society (trust me, I've looked), which I think is a crying shame, but there we are. I thought about setting one up, but I wouldn't have the first clue of how to start a society up, let alone the man power to advertise and recruit.

So there we have it!

Please still let me be on this community!!

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007
10:54 pm
June - Scarlet
Whose going !! Avast me heartys !!

Fri 8 Jun 2007.

Scarlet's Pirates and Wenches night
www.scarletpromotions.co.uk DV8, 16 Lower Essex St, Birmingham BR5 6RD 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM

Runs every second friday of the month, 9pm till 4am. Ticket Price £10. See the website for more details Two floors with Furnished Playroom, Fetish Fashion Shows & Performances, Music, Erotic Visuals & cosy niches throughout. Dress Code - Rubber/Leather/PVC/Uniform/Cyber –Let your imagination run wild!

I understand one or 2 Fetsoc members made it to the last one. If your there again this time do say hi.

Terry... ( Honourary Fet Soc Member) ... pressganged into deck duties again by Barry

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Saturday, April 28th, 2007
5:35 am
Scarlet - MAY 11th
Fri 11 May 2007, Scarlet's Moulin Rouge
www.scarletpromotions.co.uk DV8, 16 Lower Essex St, Birmingham BR5 6RD 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM
Runs every second friday of the month, 9pm till 4am. Ticket Price £10. See the website for more details Two floors with Furnished Playroom, Fetish Fashion Shows & Performances, Music, Erotic Visuals & cosy niches throughout. Dress Code - Rubber/Leather/PVC/Uniform/Cyber – Let your imagination run wild! [Contact info@scarletpromotions.co.uk

Be great to see some more soc members in attendance.

Thursday, April 12th, 2007
4:05 am
Scarlet This Friday
Hi everyone

Im sure most of you know that as Scarlet now has a monthly slot.. its their April date this coming Friday .. (13th)

Hope some soc members will be back from your Easter breaks to attend. If you do attend please say hi as Im an official 'honourary' member . Im on DJ duty in the small room from 10pm till midnight so easy to locate.

See you Friday.

Club Dominion

Current Mood: bouncy
Tuesday, February 13th, 2007
2:53 pm
Weekly Post
Tomorrow is the sequel to last years bondage demo. This time there'll be a lot more practicing doing things and a lot less watching other people doing things, partly because this was requested and partly because the 'watch this' type demo ideas have been slightly exhausted. Bring rope if you've got it, but there should be plenty spare, as well as a few books/photocopies of guides to rigging various things so you can try some new stuff out. Come along :)

When I got to the society this Monday I found people hovering outside of the door. I've got a 10am-1pm lectuer on Monday so I will always arrive a few minutes late, if you get there first feel free to ask reception for the key rather than hovering in the corridor :P Next Mondays meeting will be the same format, 1-2pm in the Mandella room. One of our old members has started showing up again too :)

This Sunday is the BBBs (http://www.brumbazaar.co.uk/) A fantastic excuse to buy all sorts of shinies using your student loans (or similar). I don't yet know if fetsoc is organising a trip, personally I will be at a friends birthday party (I considered trying to get him to go to the BBBs and buying him a present but I suspect he wouldn't like it) so I will have to bother the rest of the commitee tomorrow to see if anyone else can run a trip. If you've a particular interest in going, please speak up (especially if you're new), since it could affect the decision.
Friday, February 9th, 2007
4:04 pm
Weekly post
In brief:

* Refreshers was awesome!
* Website updated
* Meet Frances at New Street at 10pm if you're going to Scarlet tonight
* Meeting next Monday 1-2pm in the guild (Come to get rocky horror tickets)
* Bondage event next Wednesday 8:00 guild council chambers
* Do we want to be in a documentary?

In full

Refreshers was awesome! I don't know why it's always considered such a chore. I had a great time, who can argue with spending a day talking to interesting people, making links with societies, having indoor snowball fights and tieing pretty people up. Also (the detail that actually matters to people who weren't there) we got a considerable number of sign ups for the mailing list (and we would have a new member if I'd had more membership forms :S)

I've updated the website with pictures of refreshers and a few other miscellaneous things. Go look http://students.bugs.bham.ac.uk/fetish/ . If the computer you are at can play *.mov files, there's a movie of one of circus soc juggling in handcuffs, resolving a long time uncertainty of mine (sadly you'll have to turn your monitor on it's side because I don't know how to digitally rotate a movie) Our secretary and treasurer still need to put up a bit of blurb about themselves (just email to me and I'll do it) sorry the pictures of you aren't great - but the one of me isn't very flattering either. I need a better camera and better photography skills.

Frances and co will be meeting people who want to go to scarlet tonight at 10pm at new street station. Scarlet is a fetish club night http://www.scarletpromotions.co.uk/ and is awesome (well apparently if you're not some sort of crazy alcohol-rejecting music-hater like me). If you've got nothing else to do tonight, a spare tenner and an outfit that'd get you kicked out of every major club in Birmingham go enjoy yourself :D

Our next general socialising meeting will be next Monday 1-2 in the guild in the mandella room. I'll be slightly late and leave slightly early because I have lectures before and after it, but it'd still be good to chat with ye all over lunch. I like the daytime meeting thing, nice bit of socialising midday and leaves more time for events.

Events you say...this Wednesday 8:00pm onwards will be a bondage event in the guild. Everyone is welcome if they want to learn/practice/enjoy tieing each other up. The format will be a short talk (covering the basics for any newbies, when to untie people, when to cut a rope, not doing anything without consent, etc) and then let peeps divide up and get on with it. Rope will be provided, but if lots of people show up I might well be glad of some of you bringing your own since I've only got so much. The fetsoc library will be kicking about as well as a few photocopied pages that might have interesting things to do on them. We'll be in the guild council chambers, I call shotgun on tieing someone to the big chair.

Last thing, I was approached at freshers by someone wanting to do a documentary on the various societies of the guild. Do we want to get involved with that? The pros are that it gives us a bit of exposure and might be plain fun to do. The cons are that we might be portrayed in a way that we're not happy with. What do peeps reckon? Obviously it's possible for some people to be involved and some people to not be if that's appropriate. Either way I don't think any of us should be filmed talking about anything without some sort of signed documentation allowing us to censor the tape afterwards (since I imagine there will be some people who for proffessional reasons want to remain anonymous and we can't guarnatee nobody will slip and mention a name they shouldn't) I get the impression it's just a uni project thing though, so I imagine that won't be a huge problem. Meh. Opinions?
Tuesday, February 6th, 2007
6:00 pm
Next meeting is Monday, not Thursday

*Meetings on Mondays now
*Bondage Wed 14th (a week and a day)
*Rocky Feb 22nd


Heyup, the next meeting with be on Monday 12th Feb 1-2 Mandella room. In fact all of our regular meetings from now on will be then. There are no more Thursday meetings.

However there will be events. Weekly events if we can manage it. There's going to be another bondage thing a week Wednesday (14th). This time it'll be a lot more hands on, so hopefully more fun and easier to remember what you learn :P

Week after is Rocky Horror (Fed 22nd, a Thursday) which is looking like it's going to be an awesome event :D Tickets are £1 each, but it's a nonprofit thing, there'll be some sorta raffle with the money. Mostly it's to make sure people don't take a ticket if they're not going to show since the bar has limited capacity.

I'd elaborate more, but this isn't your weekly email, that'll be sometime Thursday evening. I figure it's best to wait until after refershers so any new members will get the mails too. We had 3 new peeps who looked like they'd show up contact us (and a few others who didn't) and one person wanting to include our society as part of a documentary.

More details on this and all of the above on Thursday. I just wanted to get out an email before Thursday saying that there will be no meeting on Thursday, in case someone went and found themselves sitting alone in a pub :P
Friday, February 2nd, 2007
11:53 am
Weekly fetsoc stuff
In brief:

* Next meeting is Monday 5th Feb, Mandella Room, 1-2pm
* Freshers stands Tuesday 6th & Thursday 8th 10am-4pm
* Scarlet Friday 9th, meet at newstreet at 9.30pm
* Events list: Bondage II (Week 5), Rocky horror (22nd Feb, week 6), Quills (Week8)
* Possible events: London Trip, Flogging Demo, Megamix

In full:

G'day all, this is your weekly fetsoc email! We're moving fetsoc back into the guild and making it a lunchtime event, the social meetings make more sense in a lunchtime slot, since we're generally chatting with each other rather than going out, so it's better to have the Thursday evening free for events. (Also recruiting freshers is easier if we're in the guild) The meeting will be next Monday in the mandella room 1-2pm. (Or in my case 1:10-1:50 since I'll be running to and from lectures, but there ya go)

Next week is refreshers, so we'll be running a couple of stands. One on Tuesday and one on Thursday. I'll be there for the whole thing, but it'd be nice to have a few people around to have fun with while we're kidnapping freshers. Also loans of shiny pretty things to attract people to the stand would be greatly appriciated :) If you're interested give us a bell, or just show up to Mondays meeting and we can talk about it then.

Scarlet 9th Feb - This is a fetish night at Club DV8 that takes place every two months. A load of us are going, but if anyone wants to come and don't know where to go than I (Frances) will meet them at 9.30 NewStreet (There is a Train from Selly Oak that leaves 21.22 and arrives 21.33) and go from there. If anyone wants to make sure that they will be met please email your number so I can contact you if running late www.scarletpromotions.co.uk - this site will tell you about the dress code (Basically, if youd feel uncomfortable wearing it in Risa, youll fit in a Scarlet), nightclub and etiquette. The entry fee is £10- but I went in December and can say its well worth it.

We're planning plenty of events this semester, the first one will be sometime in week five (probably Thursday evening) and will be a more hands on bondage event. In week 6 we've got the rocky horror screening in beorma bar, there are loads of socities involved and everyone's getting dressed up so it's going to be a lotta fun. The bad news is you'll need a ticket, but the good news is it's only £1 and we'll raffle all the money to the peeps who show up anyway. That's worth it just to be able to wonder the guild in a corset. And later in the semester, sometime in week 8, we'll have a screening of quills (maybe in conjunction with filmsoc maybe not)

There are also some other events that we may or may not be able to organise (if you're particularly enthusiastic about any of them get in touch so we know what to prioritise). It'd be cool to organise a trip to one of the big fetish events/markets in london, we've emailed kinksoc as well to see if we could meet up with them at some point down there. It's always good to meet more people. Also there was some talk last month about a flogging demo following the bondage demo, we'll see if we can make that happen (if our instructor is still interested..?) and the megamix is coming up. I think that it'd be really good to steal a room there and show off what we can do to all of the other societies, and maybe introduce ourself in a manner other than 'those freaks at fetsoc' :P
Thursday, February 1st, 2007
11:03 am
Reminder for the disorganised
Fetsoc tonight at Archies :)
We had lotsa people last week which was nice, I've ran into a few peeps who'll be about (Nick & Iris), hopefully we'll have another good week.
Monday, January 29th, 2007
3:20 pm
Yaar this be the HMS weekly email
In brief

* Last week = awesome
* Look forwards to seeing you this week, Thursday Archies again
* Moving to Monday lunchtimes after that
* Need people to run society stand

In full

It was good to see so many people last week, new faces and old :) I look forwards to seeing you all again this week & hope you're having a good time. After this Thursdays meeting we'll be moving fetsoc back into the guild as a lunchtime event. This decision based on just meeting up and chatting making more sense at lunchtime, because it leaves more evenings free for fun stuff :) Of which there'll be loads. Events will come (more if you ask for them)

Still need a couple of peeps to help me run the stand on a week Tuesday. It's just for one day. If you can't spare the time you can still help out by lending us shiny eyecatching things to put on the stall and lure freshers with. Some of ye are models and surely have some shiney fetishy prints hidden away? Some of ye gotta have some toys that look good (shan't let the freshers touch 'em w/o your permission). Stealing people away can only be a good thing.
Thursday, January 25th, 2007
11:01 am
11th Hour
Just a quick reminder for people who forget any information that doesn't arrive at the 11th hour. Meeting 7.30pm Archies tonight. We've got at least one new gal confirmed she's showing up so come join us already :P
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