x_equals_speed (x_equals_speed) wrote in brum_fetsoc,

Yaar this be the HMS weekly email

In brief

* Last week = awesome
* Look forwards to seeing you this week, Thursday Archies again
* Moving to Monday lunchtimes after that
* Need people to run society stand

In full

It was good to see so many people last week, new faces and old :) I look forwards to seeing you all again this week & hope you're having a good time. After this Thursdays meeting we'll be moving fetsoc back into the guild as a lunchtime event. This decision based on just meeting up and chatting making more sense at lunchtime, because it leaves more evenings free for fun stuff :) Of which there'll be loads. Events will come (more if you ask for them)

Still need a couple of peeps to help me run the stand on a week Tuesday. It's just for one day. If you can't spare the time you can still help out by lending us shiny eyecatching things to put on the stall and lure freshers with. Some of ye are models and surely have some shiney fetishy prints hidden away? Some of ye gotta have some toys that look good (shan't let the freshers touch 'em w/o your permission). Stealing people away can only be a good thing.
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