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Weekly fetsoc stuff

In brief:

* Next meeting is Monday 5th Feb, Mandella Room, 1-2pm
* Freshers stands Tuesday 6th & Thursday 8th 10am-4pm
* Scarlet Friday 9th, meet at newstreet at 9.30pm
* Events list: Bondage II (Week 5), Rocky horror (22nd Feb, week 6), Quills (Week8)
* Possible events: London Trip, Flogging Demo, Megamix

In full:

G'day all, this is your weekly fetsoc email! We're moving fetsoc back into the guild and making it a lunchtime event, the social meetings make more sense in a lunchtime slot, since we're generally chatting with each other rather than going out, so it's better to have the Thursday evening free for events. (Also recruiting freshers is easier if we're in the guild) The meeting will be next Monday in the mandella room 1-2pm. (Or in my case 1:10-1:50 since I'll be running to and from lectures, but there ya go)

Next week is refreshers, so we'll be running a couple of stands. One on Tuesday and one on Thursday. I'll be there for the whole thing, but it'd be nice to have a few people around to have fun with while we're kidnapping freshers. Also loans of shiny pretty things to attract people to the stand would be greatly appriciated :) If you're interested give us a bell, or just show up to Mondays meeting and we can talk about it then.

Scarlet 9th Feb - This is a fetish night at Club DV8 that takes place every two months. A load of us are going, but if anyone wants to come and don't know where to go than I (Frances) will meet them at 9.30 NewStreet (There is a Train from Selly Oak that leaves 21.22 and arrives 21.33) and go from there. If anyone wants to make sure that they will be met please email your number so I can contact you if running late www.scarletpromotions.co.uk - this site will tell you about the dress code (Basically, if youd feel uncomfortable wearing it in Risa, youll fit in a Scarlet), nightclub and etiquette. The entry fee is £10- but I went in December and can say its well worth it.

We're planning plenty of events this semester, the first one will be sometime in week five (probably Thursday evening) and will be a more hands on bondage event. In week 6 we've got the rocky horror screening in beorma bar, there are loads of socities involved and everyone's getting dressed up so it's going to be a lotta fun. The bad news is you'll need a ticket, but the good news is it's only £1 and we'll raffle all the money to the peeps who show up anyway. That's worth it just to be able to wonder the guild in a corset. And later in the semester, sometime in week 8, we'll have a screening of quills (maybe in conjunction with filmsoc maybe not)

There are also some other events that we may or may not be able to organise (if you're particularly enthusiastic about any of them get in touch so we know what to prioritise). It'd be cool to organise a trip to one of the big fetish events/markets in london, we've emailed kinksoc as well to see if we could meet up with them at some point down there. It's always good to meet more people. Also there was some talk last month about a flogging demo following the bondage demo, we'll see if we can make that happen (if our instructor is still interested..?) and the megamix is coming up. I think that it'd be really good to steal a room there and show off what we can do to all of the other societies, and maybe introduce ourself in a manner other than 'those freaks at fetsoc' :P
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