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Next meeting is Monday, not Thursday


*Meetings on Mondays now
*Bondage Wed 14th (a week and a day)
*Rocky Feb 22nd


Heyup, the next meeting with be on Monday 12th Feb 1-2 Mandella room. In fact all of our regular meetings from now on will be then. There are no more Thursday meetings.

However there will be events. Weekly events if we can manage it. There's going to be another bondage thing a week Wednesday (14th). This time it'll be a lot more hands on, so hopefully more fun and easier to remember what you learn :P

Week after is Rocky Horror (Fed 22nd, a Thursday) which is looking like it's going to be an awesome event :D Tickets are £1 each, but it's a nonprofit thing, there'll be some sorta raffle with the money. Mostly it's to make sure people don't take a ticket if they're not going to show since the bar has limited capacity.

I'd elaborate more, but this isn't your weekly email, that'll be sometime Thursday evening. I figure it's best to wait until after refershers so any new members will get the mails too. We had 3 new peeps who looked like they'd show up contact us (and a few others who didn't) and one person wanting to include our society as part of a documentary.

More details on this and all of the above on Thursday. I just wanted to get out an email before Thursday saying that there will be no meeting on Thursday, in case someone went and found themselves sitting alone in a pub :P
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