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Weekly post

In brief:

* Refreshers was awesome!
* Website updated
* Meet Frances at New Street at 10pm if you're going to Scarlet tonight
* Meeting next Monday 1-2pm in the guild (Come to get rocky horror tickets)
* Bondage event next Wednesday 8:00 guild council chambers
* Do we want to be in a documentary?

In full

Refreshers was awesome! I don't know why it's always considered such a chore. I had a great time, who can argue with spending a day talking to interesting people, making links with societies, having indoor snowball fights and tieing pretty people up. Also (the detail that actually matters to people who weren't there) we got a considerable number of sign ups for the mailing list (and we would have a new member if I'd had more membership forms :S)

I've updated the website with pictures of refreshers and a few other miscellaneous things. Go look http://students.bugs.bham.ac.uk/fetish/ . If the computer you are at can play *.mov files, there's a movie of one of circus soc juggling in handcuffs, resolving a long time uncertainty of mine (sadly you'll have to turn your monitor on it's side because I don't know how to digitally rotate a movie) Our secretary and treasurer still need to put up a bit of blurb about themselves (just email to me and I'll do it) sorry the pictures of you aren't great - but the one of me isn't very flattering either. I need a better camera and better photography skills.

Frances and co will be meeting people who want to go to scarlet tonight at 10pm at new street station. Scarlet is a fetish club night http://www.scarletpromotions.co.uk/ and is awesome (well apparently if you're not some sort of crazy alcohol-rejecting music-hater like me). If you've got nothing else to do tonight, a spare tenner and an outfit that'd get you kicked out of every major club in Birmingham go enjoy yourself :D

Our next general socialising meeting will be next Monday 1-2 in the guild in the mandella room. I'll be slightly late and leave slightly early because I have lectures before and after it, but it'd still be good to chat with ye all over lunch. I like the daytime meeting thing, nice bit of socialising midday and leaves more time for events.

Events you say...this Wednesday 8:00pm onwards will be a bondage event in the guild. Everyone is welcome if they want to learn/practice/enjoy tieing each other up. The format will be a short talk (covering the basics for any newbies, when to untie people, when to cut a rope, not doing anything without consent, etc) and then let peeps divide up and get on with it. Rope will be provided, but if lots of people show up I might well be glad of some of you bringing your own since I've only got so much. The fetsoc library will be kicking about as well as a few photocopied pages that might have interesting things to do on them. We'll be in the guild council chambers, I call shotgun on tieing someone to the big chair.

Last thing, I was approached at freshers by someone wanting to do a documentary on the various societies of the guild. Do we want to get involved with that? The pros are that it gives us a bit of exposure and might be plain fun to do. The cons are that we might be portrayed in a way that we're not happy with. What do peeps reckon? Obviously it's possible for some people to be involved and some people to not be if that's appropriate. Either way I don't think any of us should be filmed talking about anything without some sort of signed documentation allowing us to censor the tape afterwards (since I imagine there will be some people who for proffessional reasons want to remain anonymous and we can't guarnatee nobody will slip and mention a name they shouldn't) I get the impression it's just a uni project thing though, so I imagine that won't be a huge problem. Meh. Opinions?
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