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Weekly Post

Tomorrow is the sequel to last years bondage demo. This time there'll be a lot more practicing doing things and a lot less watching other people doing things, partly because this was requested and partly because the 'watch this' type demo ideas have been slightly exhausted. Bring rope if you've got it, but there should be plenty spare, as well as a few books/photocopies of guides to rigging various things so you can try some new stuff out. Come along :)

When I got to the society this Monday I found people hovering outside of the door. I've got a 10am-1pm lectuer on Monday so I will always arrive a few minutes late, if you get there first feel free to ask reception for the key rather than hovering in the corridor :P Next Mondays meeting will be the same format, 1-2pm in the Mandella room. One of our old members has started showing up again too :)

This Sunday is the BBBs (http://www.brumbazaar.co.uk/) A fantastic excuse to buy all sorts of shinies using your student loans (or similar). I don't yet know if fetsoc is organising a trip, personally I will be at a friends birthday party (I considered trying to get him to go to the BBBs and buying him a present but I suspect he wouldn't like it) so I will have to bother the rest of the commitee tomorrow to see if anyone else can run a trip. If you've a particular interest in going, please speak up (especially if you're new), since it could affect the decision.
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