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June - Scarlet

Whose going !! Avast me heartys !!

Fri 8 Jun 2007.

Scarlet's Pirates and Wenches night DV8, 16 Lower Essex St, Birmingham BR5 6RD 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM

Runs every second friday of the month, 9pm till 4am. Ticket Price £10. See the website for more details Two floors with Furnished Playroom, Fetish Fashion Shows & Performances, Music, Erotic Visuals & cosy niches throughout. Dress Code - Rubber/Leather/PVC/Uniform/Cyber –Let your imagination run wild!

I understand one or 2 Fetsoc members made it to the last one. If your there again this time do say hi.

Terry... ( Honourary Fet Soc Member) ... pressganged into deck duties again by Barry
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