Mrs Rope Knot (mrks_redflame) wrote in brum_fetsoc,
Mrs Rope Knot

Hi all!

New to the group, so I thought I'd say hi, introduce myself and add a little confession!

I'm redflame - red to most. 21 years old. Collared to MRK (Master Rope Knot) for five months now, and was lucky enough to accompany Him to Shibaricon in Chicago at the end of May just gone, along with Demoing at Velvet Eden, Chesterfield Conclave and the BBB and being part of the calendars made to raise money for Backlash.

I'm active on the Brum scene (or was until lack of cash and death of car put paid to that), crew for Roissy Dungeon Workshops when I can (mostly for Rapture at Ceasars, but also at Kinkfest last year and Night of The Senses), and try to make most Brum munches (the third saturday of the month ones) and the BBB. I've been on scene almost three years now.

And my confession?

I'm coming to this community in the hopes of being accepted despite being a student at UCE (ducks and runs). UCE has no fetish society (trust me, I've looked), which I think is a crying shame, but there we are. I thought about setting one up, but I wouldn't have the first clue of how to start a society up, let alone the man power to advertise and recruit.

So there we have it!

Please still let me be on this community!!

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