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Fetsoc 07-08

Big plans this year. Big plans. I'm sure many of you will have read about them from the fetsoc email, but in case you missed it or deleted it or aren't on the mailing list or forgot how to do anything outside of livejournal or are being forced to...well you get the picture. In case of those things it's reproduced here, under a cut for

This is a bit of an essay, so as usual you can read the summerized version. However I think this one's really important and there's a fantastic opportunity here waiting to be had. If you've got time at all try to look at the whole thing.


* Good things happening this year
- New approach to meetings
- Guest speakers of awesomeness!
- Collaboration with other societies

* More members this year
- New members over summer!
- New members from other universities!
- Double-freshers stand
- Halls advertising
- Inter-ma-net

* Need your help
- What do you want?
- Freshers stand
- Posters and flyers
- Pretty pretty pictures
- Committee
- Show up!

* Reply to this email or be forever damned! (deleted from the mailing list)

Listen up, I will say this only twice, of all of the infinate options in the world there are only two that apply to fetsoc this year. (1) Gets disbanded (2) Is awesome, everyone loves it, it wins most improved society award, there are parades in the street, govornment disbands and lets us run the country instead. I want it to be the second. You want it to be second. Lets do that then. Why am I so sure that if we get our 20 memebers we'll be so awesome? Well, three reasons.

One, we're taking a new approach to meetings. People didn't show up to them last year so I used my traditional straightforwards approach and asked them why not. It's like magic but with more responding to what people want. (Or at least what people say they want). So fetsoc this year will go through a cycle of a couple of regular meetings, one social event meeting and one fetish meeting. Normal meetings are what people've got used to so we'll keep doing them. The meeting before a social event the committee will pick three things to do for the non-fetish social and people can pick what they'll enjoy the most for the next week. The fetish socials will default to people having a chance to get dressed up, show off their kit and show each other stuff (people always say they want to / are going to do things like this but never do - fuck it, I'll risk assess a general fetish meeting of dressing and acting how we sodding feel like) but many times there will be something much better two, which brings me to:

Two, we have some awesome guest speakers lined up this year. Kat (ic: LeatherMG) of the leather family and Vicky (ic:Kitania) of freakclubwear seperately volunteered to come and do demos in response to a post I made on informed consent. This is amazing and I really want to make it happen. If we can get the numbers to make it worth their while it'll only cost us petrol money and I got £50 out of the finance people for putting on fetish events and the like this year.

Third we've got some more society collaboration stuff, which is always good. Together with Scifi and Film we put on a Rocky Horror event last year which went very well (even if one of you traumatised the poor freshers by making them do animal orgasm impressions) with luck we'll do something similar again. Also the metal society has contacted me within the last few days looking to do something together. So there's some more events for us.


So there's many good things happening next year *if* we get enough members. The talks especially will not happen unless I can confirm we've got 20 people attending! However I'm pretty confident about membership too. We've got advantages in recruiting this year we didn't have last year and with luck that'll get us to where we're going. Also I'm up for recruiting from the general pool of curious people and am going to advertise some of the bigger events to non-members (but also be ready to kick out any troublemakers - I think we need to be less scared of having people who cause trouble showing and more willing to kick them out when they do)

We got some new members over the summer :) Everyone say hello! Whenever people contacted me in the 3rd term onwards I knew the exam period would be shitty and this year would be awesome so I told them to wait till the start of the next academic year. Well that time is now and we're ready to go, time for you to join us :D Also there's been contact from other universities, I'm sure some of you saw the LJ posts. I hope you've not been too dissapointed by how inactive we get in the holidays, if you're looking to join in then go for it. We'd be happy for you to advertise to students in your uni and can maybe come along to help if you pass us details. Non-birmingham students can join for £8/year. Thats less than £1/month, it's not going to break the bank. It has been known for people to show up despite not doing this, formally and while emailing from the university account I am against this.

And we've got the freshers stand both days this time. This is much better than last year when we didn't have a proper presence at freshers because the guild couldn't organise its way out of a paper bag. This'll help a lot, too much of a trickle of new members last year. Fetsoc is at its best when loads of people show up at once, not when we get one new member every two weeks who leaves because there aren't enough new members. Vicious-cycle-tastic.

Oh yeah, I kinda argued with hall managers a lot and persuaded them I can put some flyers or tastefull posters in halls of residence. I'm not sure how far I'll be able to push this but I am made mostly from evil so if I think I can get much more advertising in sideways I will :D

And the internet will help us! The internet helps everyone. How else would I do "research" for my projects? I've got a proper web cody job person to help with the website. Also I think we should make a facebook existance for ourselves since it seems to be the best place for publicity whoring these days (sorry LJ). Most importantly the sodding guild has (finally) done what it promised to do and updated the website. In a few days it should be possible to update that (years old) description to say that we aintnt dead! I know at least one person reading this nearly missed out on the society because of that - how many more will we get when it works properly?


Of course all of this depends on you. Fetsoc can be made from solid gold and have a perfect marketting organisation, but if its members don't do anything it can't work. Fortunately you're multitalented and there's lots of ways you can help out, odds are you got the skill to do one of these things really well.

Tell me what you want! You'll only get what you want if you let someone know what that is! Finding what people want from the society has been like getting blood out of a stone. Get passionate, demand the events you want. Then we can make them happen :D

Help with the freshers stand. More members is the single most important thing for the society. That'll get much easier with more people helping out on the stand. Talk to people, demonstrate stuff, provide kit, do banners, whatever. We need all the help we can get for just two little days. Thursday 27th and Friday 28th are the dates.

Are you not colourblind? Then any poster you create will almost certainly be better than mine! We need posters to put up at freshers and deploy around the guild and generally get into the student conciousness. Also stuff for the website would be good, so it's not one long tirade by me. I can see you're getting tired of this one, hang on, just a little further to the end of the email.

All these posters and flyers and website and stuff will be better recieved if we have pretty pictures to put on them. Do you have any pictures we can use without getting sued? Or could you produce some? There are pretty & extroverted people in the society and people with digital cameras, surely we can work something out. Email if you're interested or to attach any
pictures we can use (I figure we can have a rescources page on the website just for pics we own and can use on publicity etc so we can all grab from it as we want it)

Now here's an important thing. A full committee this year would really be something. I can do a lot on my own, but there's some aspects of fetsoc on which my ignorance rivals a bumblebees astrophysics knowladge. Last year we had a maximum of three people (names deleted for the intermanet version) working on anything at any one time, normally less than that. This year I *know* that there are people who see the potential in this, who are enthusiastic about it and who can make it work. C'mon, it's already going to be awesome, but couldn't it be even better? Join the committee and make your ideas real. Technically we should have elections for this stuff, but the way I see it we can all work together on anything that interests us and who the piece of paper says is in charge is only of nominal importance. Obviously the main incentive for this is the power to get a group of fetishists doing what you want, but I guess it's good experience and looks good on a CV too. And for those naysayers who say you can't put it on a CV I've tried it and it works just fine :P (n.b. May only apply to academic posts where everyone expects you to be an eccentric anyway - otherwise a bit of vaguary about the exact nature of the society may be in order)

An the most important thing that if everyone does it things'll work out just find: Show up. We're all inventive, interesting people. If enough of us show up everything would fall into place even without all this other cool stuff around it (Don't get me wrong, we're still doing the fun stuff, wouldn't give it up) so make a soddin' appearance


So are you fired up and ready to go? Great! Reply to this email to let me know you're in, so I can tell you when events and stuff are happening. If you don't then you won't get exciting emails telling you what's going on. They'll be shorter than this one. Promise.
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