x_equals_speed (x_equals_speed) wrote in brum_fetsoc,

Fetsoc LJ

Aww, this thing is kinda dead. I don't think many of our members are on livejournal anymore and I keep forgetting to update it. I could be wrong, if someone here wants to be elected unanimously* to the new position of "Maintainer of the fetsoc livejournal" then I'll happily put them in charge, but I suspect this isn't used very often.

If people drop messages here I'll still get them and can respond. Though it might be better to email the society on fetish@guild.bham.ac.uk since you'll get a faster reply. Also if you're in the habit of advertising cool events to the members ping them to that address and I'll send it out with the weekly email.

On a vaguely related note, Terry, are you still reading this? I keep trying to email you but they bounce faster than a baby chucked off the leaning tower of piza. I'm curious if you're still up for some sort of dungeon/club event? I remember this suggestion got thrown around this time last year, but we couldn't do it. I've been harassing the guild a lot recently and it's becoming more feasable. Get in touch ;)

* = (all election records are held in my head, but any allegations of retrospective editing are lies, I just have very specific memory failure syndrome)
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